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Commercial Video & Film Production

Commercial Film and Video Production

There’s no doubt that video as a digital medium has taken over as the web for visual communication. Online videos have the highest average of “click-thrus” and engagement for online customers. Having an advertising vehicle to not only compete, but to effectively reach your customers is crucial when viewed as a part of your overall creative and marketing strategy.

MindDessign Corporate Video Production

MindDessign creates small, but versatile video, film solutions that aim to reach a client’s audience, engage them and achieve a positive response and impression. From commercial, film and music videos to writing to final editing and publishing our passion is to effectively communicate your message through the element of film and video.

Comprehensive Video Creation & Production

MindDessign is a close partner with Skymore Productions, in fact, we’re family. Skymore Productions is a small but versatile video, film creation studio. From commercial, film and music videos to corporate branding and marketing, we deliver the script, filming on location, rough-cut, final editing and complete publishing to YouTube or Vimeo and ready to stream to your online source. Like anything we produce, we aim to hone your marketing message to a memorable visual and sound solution to communicate your marketing message through the medium of video.

View a sampling below of our commercial work, non-profit promotion, music and event videos.