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What’s the Logo and Brand Identity All About?

Empire Design provides corporate identity design and supporting branding materials for small, medium and large-based organizations. Since the defining element of a company’s branding and identity is wrapped up in the overall company logo, making your your “mark” defines your market target, communicates the image properly and is memorable and recognizable.

We have been designing corporate logos and identities for a variety of industries and types of businesses. From manufacturing, to retail and restaurant to corporate design, you can count on Empire to be able to visualize and communicate your business’ services and products to your intended audience.

How Do We Keep It Fresh?

Many companies go through renewals throughout the lifetime of the company. Whether that is simply a change of leadership or following the trends of new design techniques, Empire can help navigate the process of initial concepts through final print ready promotion and marketing.

Our 4-step process includes a brief overview and aims that the company, service or product identity needs to convey and communicate to its intended audience. Next is an exploration stage of defining the overall look, style, industry reference and overall design. This is where we present a variety of designs from one end of the spectrum to the other. The final step is to make the best selection, refine, refine and refine until the result is a perfect distillation of your business market aims. Then Empire will build out all the digital assets for print marketing items or digital use such as web, online promotion and video.

Peruse and Click Through a Selection of Our Logo Designs and Corporate Identities