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Who Do We Work For? Our Clients.

Being a company that offers a variety of creative design communication services, our personal and company goal are to ensure our clients know that they are serviced well. For our clients, this manifests itself in having Empire carefully oversee and manage their creative and messaging product in whatever form that it may take. It’s simple, we are a service-oriented business, so we are here to serve our clients.

In particular, Empire serves using a set of principles. We listen. We think. We create. We deliver. At Empire, we saw a need to provide client services that understand the intricacies of managing the creative product across the world of print and digital forms and sources.

A Single Source for Creative Design Solution: We aim to offer you a single source for your business’ brand management needs. One location that can manage complex print capabilities, various applications, deadlines and schedules. Rely on MindDessign to generate the brand image, marketing messaging and design that commands attention and gets a response. These are needs that our clients demand of us. And that’s who we serve.

Our Core Values

We basically have four “client-focused” core values that provide our foundation. We could certainly add more, but if we can hit the mark on these, then we’ve got our client’s covered.

Stewardship: Our experience and expertise enable our business and serve our clients. Being a good steward is rightfully managing those tools. And stewardship at Empire means reliably serving the needs of our clients frugally and with the utmost integrity.

Integrity: A good reputation speaks volumes of the trust a client has in us. At Empire we let our “yes” mean “yes” and our “no” mean “no.” We strive never to lose our reputation in the eyes of the clients.

Diligence: We are about getting it done, the right way. Our diligence will push us to find that new creative idea, that new source in technology, all in an effort to give our clients what they pay for.

Trust: Trust is another one of those nebulous concepts that all companies strive to earn. However, clients know when they have it and when they don’t. At MindDessign, we plan to earn your trust.

What We Do for Our Clients

Empire is a focused-creative design firm specializing in all forms of print and digital communication.

Creative and Corporate Communications: We got our start in logo design and corporate communications. Empire provides all forms of creative design for business communication media, including ad campaigns, supportive marketing materials, trade show design and production, film and video solutions.

Web Design & Development: From providing long-term clients a fresh design to their online presence to creating a new business web site and custom development applications, our goal is to get your company noticed.

Search Marketing / Promotion: MindDessign provides targeted search marketing that includes identifying the clients audience and engaging them with efficacious intent. We want our customers to communicate effectively and elicit the right response. We do this through on-site, on-page search optimization and on-going content development, email marketing campaigns and conversion solutions.

Our Clients Say the Nicest Things