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WHAT CAN MindDesign Do For Your Business


To market your business’ goods and services, your company’s brand and message need to be clear, well defined and visually memorable to stand out. At MindDesign, we are always brand conscious in all our creative designs. And we focus on your business’ unique message to ensure clarity. Whether building marketing material, trade show design, packaging or digital design, we will deliver on-message and on-target creative design for your business brand


What does your business need in a web site? We know that now web site is the same because no business has the same needs. Which is why we build customized solutions to meet your aims and goals. We’re experienced WordPress developers as well and a source for traditional coding development. In addition, we also provide custom integrations for payment gateways or specified systems to be your digital online resource.

SEO and Search Marketing

In the online world, your messaging is a critical component of your online and digital marketing. From key words to well-optimized content, Empire can guide your business marketing efforts through natural or organic search marketing. We also develop targeted social media advertisements and digital videos that can drive online traffic to your business and communicate more effectively to your customers.

How We Work with Your Business

  • Meet & Discuss
  • Idea & Initial Creative
  • Design & Development
  • Finalize & Launch

Your business has design and development needs which is why we like to meet with you in person to ensure that we gather the marketing goals, messaging, aims and desires first hand. This is our preferred method with new projects like a web site, marketing strategy or advertising campaign. Then we provide a written, detailed proposal and estimated timeline for completion.

We normally provide a timeline which includes the initial layout or creative review. Whether that is a brochure, logo design, trade show design or a web site, the initial creative development sets the tone for what comes next and we want to make sure we are visualizing your goals and it is inline with your marketing message.

The design and development stage of any project encompasses the lion-share of the work. If it’s a web site, we build out an online test site for clients to review regularly throughout the development process. If it’s a logo design, print design or video, this includes flushing out the creative and melding it with the marketing to deliver a cohesive message. We listen to your reviews and responses and move to finalize the finished product.

Once the creative designs, logo development or web site solution is approved, Empire will finalize all digital files for for production. We are experienced in all forms of print production including traditional offset printing, die-cutting, screen printing, trade-show booth production and more. In addition, we provide expertise in video creation and production as well as web site hosting set up and management. Our aim is to produce the right creative for your marketing purposes on-time and on-budget.

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